Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti

10/31/16: Recovery in communities near FSIL continues. Upper class students have gone to the hardest hit areas in the southwest with water purfication tablets, cholera medication, and hydration packs. FSIL stuents and faculty have delivered first aid to members of the Léogâne community. They've also held mobile clinics in towns further away from the school. 

10/26/16: Thanks to the ourpouring of support, HNF has been able to send 25K to FSIL for Hurricane Matthew relief! 

10/06/16: Janet O'Flynn, founder of the OT/PT Program at FSIL, recounts Hurricane Matthew as it reaches FSIL, and gives updates on what the students are doing in the community after the storm passes. Read the update here. 

10/05/16: More news from FSIL Dean Hilda Alcindor and more details about Evens' house. Click here to read the update.

10/05/16: FSIL Dean Hilda Alcindor reports that "the school, students and staff are doing well...the streets of Léogâne were flooded. Many people lost the roof of their homes." It is still raining in Léogâne, but the winds have subsided a little. The video below shows the flooding in Léogâne. 

10/04/16: FSIL Clinical Supervisor Evens Joicin and his family have had to evacuate to a friend's home nearby after their house was destroyed by the hurricane. Our thoughts are with Evens and his family as they recover from this tragic loss. 

Evens teaching a group of students

Evens teaching a group of students

10/04/16: Hurricane Matthew has made landfall in Haiti, and is expected to drop 40 inches of rain across the country.  The full effect of this natural disaster is not immediately known, but you can have a positive effect on Haiti's recovery by donating to Haiti Nursing Foundation.  When you give to HNF, you directly support the advancement of nursing education in Haiti. Nurses are health care leaders in times of crisis

Many of you have asked about helping FSIL faculty member Evens Joicin.  HNF isn't able to accept and pass through this kind of donation.  However, FSIL has an emergency fund that can be used to help Evens and anyone else in the FSIL community who suffered losses.  Every dollar of your Hurricane Matthew donations will be sent to FSIL to be used as needed. 

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