Thank you for your interest in nursing education in Haiti! 

During FSIL’s earlier years, volunteer instructors from the U.S. played a significant role. Teams of volunteer nurse educators went to FSIL for one to two weeks at a time. This wasn’t a simple or inexpensive solution, the language barrier was a complication, and it certainly was not a sustainable plan. 

Today, FSIL graduates comprise much of the faculty.  Five of them received a Certificate in Nursing Education through a Rutgers University College of Nursing program funded by HNF, but made possible through the generous efforts of Professor Elise Lev and some of her colleagues.

Many FSIL faculty members (graduates of the BSN program) are currently completing a Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s program delivered by Promoting Health in Haiti.  Others will participate in the Nurse Midwifery Master’s program beginning in January 2017 and offered through Frontier Nursing University.  This First for Haiti is being funded by a donor to the Medical Benevolence Foundation.

In other words, the goal from the beginning has been for FSIL to GROW ITS OWN faculty. Masters-prepared nurse educators have been almost non-existent in Haiti until now.  We are more than pleased to see this plan coming to fruition!

Today, most US nursing school involvement is via distance learning, or short, very specific instructional experiences at FSIL. 

Global outreach experiences for US nursing students are also under development at this time.  With the FSIL Guest House now providing a comfortable, safe location for visitors, we hope such programs will be available soon.

If you would like to be involved with these or other future programs at FSIL, please email your ideas and your CV to HNF, and we will forward it to the subcommittee that reviews credentials and schedules visiting faculty.   Please let us know if you speak French, the language of instruction at FSIL.


There are other important ways you can help FSIL. The school cannot survive without significant help from outside Haiti.  Even a small part of the $4,000 annual cost per student is impossible for most Haitian families to manage. 

Our goal is to have every FSIL student sponsored so we know the school can continue to operate and grow.  If your nursing school, student nurse’s association, Sigma Theta Tau chapter, church, or any other group would be interested in the opportunity to change the face of health care in Haiti, please let us know! Here are some fundraising ideas to get you started!

  • Sell Cool you know a lot of people who love (and need) nothing more than a good cup of coffee? We can help you set up a fundraiser selling Haitian products like coffee. 
  • Partner with other groups or departments at your school... Does your university have a great music department? Club sports? Artist Association? Team up with another department and host a fundraising event.
  • Have a Ball! Pick a special time of year and host a charity ball for students, faculty and friends: Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, October Fest, or the winter holiday season.

Contact HNF if we can answer questions or help with any fundraising efforts you might want to pursue.  We'll send brochures and other information, or possibly visit your area to make a presentation.

We hope you’ll stay involved in our efforts to improve nursing education in Haiti, and especially in supporting the FSIL nursing school in Léogâne.


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