Other Ways to Support HNF

Help HNF earn additional money by enrolling in these great programs or giving through your donor-advised fund. 




Shop at www.smile.amazon.com and buy all the great items you normally would from Amazon, and HNF gets a percentage of your purchases!


Employer Match Programs

Many companies will match your contribution to charitable organizations. Talk to your employer or search for your company here to see if they participate in a match program. 



Find the best deals at thousands of stores, and Goodshop will donate to HNF when you shop!


Kroger Community Rewards®

Register your Kroger Rewards Card by clicking the photo below, and HNF will be given a percentage of the purchases you make at Kroger!


Thrivent Choice®

Designating your Thrivent Choice Dollars to HNF is a painless way to give.


DAF Direct

You can give to HNF through your donor-advised fund by using the widget!

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