Volunteer with HNF in the United States

HNF is always looking for new volunteers to join our committees. Information on our standing committees is below. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering! 

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is usually composed of the board officers, the chairs of the standing committees and a number of members as specified in the bylaws. Members are either elected by the entire board or are appointed by the President or Chair of the board. The chief function of the Executive Committee is to plan the work of the board and to exact responsibility from members by providing agenda and other guidelines for board actions. Another role of the Executive Committee is to provide guidance for the organization between board meetings. The Executive Committee meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month (excluding months where there is a full board meeting) at 11:15am EST.

Development Committee
The Development Committee works closely with staff to create and implement the financial resource plan that will guide the staff and board’s activities in seeking out and securing funding from diverse sources. This committee may also take the lead in working with the other board members to explore the best ways they can contribute to the fundraising effort A special event committee is a subcommittee of the Development Committee. The Development Committee meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month (excluding months where there is a full board meeting) at 10:00am EST.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is led by the Board Treasurer to oversee the creation of the budget, monitor and report on the financial status and activities of the agency, ensure the financial policies and practices are followed, and oversee investments. The Finance Committee meets quarterly.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee oversees the identification, recruitment, orientation, training, and retention of board members. This committee looks for opportunities to strengthen the board’s effectiveness, capacity, composition, and ability to lead the organization into the future.The Governance Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at 11:30am EST.

Program Committee
The Program Committee is comprised of board members who are most familiar with the approaches and operations of the organization's programs. Depending on its make-up and programs, this committee's most common responsibilities are as follows: to oversee new program development, and to monitor and assess existing programs; to initiate and guide program evaluations, and; to facilitate discussions about program priorities for the agency. The Program Committee meets monthly.

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